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Message Subject Psychiatry goes insane! Every human emotion now classified as a mental disorder in new psychiatric manual DSM-5
Poster Handle Crazy Harriet
Post Content
The DSM book tells us more about what the elite want to suppress and control than what is mental health and illness. Back in the 1950's, people were incarcerated in mental institutions for questioning their societal role, or advocating different means of societal formations.

Today, with the proliferation of dumbing-down drugs which make people quiescent, we see a plethora of new illnesses which will (conveniently) be managed with these new products.

Not much different than the egg scare which coincided with the roll-out of egg substitutes in food manufacturing.

Today, the elite hope to keep the population quiet and submissive with the enforced swallowing of their drug-haze producing pills. These are often ordered to be injested by judges or other people with legal authority to make the peasant take it, and soon will be standardized with devices that can inform the authorities that they have, indeed, been properly injested.

[link to www.naturalnews.com]

Aldoux Huxley wrote about this at length, as well as giving some great lectures that can be found still today online. Worth a look-see. His dad was the champion of Charles Darwin, brother one of the founders of the United Nations, and he was the incarnate insider.

It's not all just a coincidence.
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