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We will all be there at the same time when the world ends.

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12/14/2012 12:11 AM
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We will all be there at the same time when the world ends.
it says the dead will rise and everyone will be alive to be judged.

all of us will be there, I see a great mountain, and lava all over the planet, the dead walking through it with demons and angels fighting around. Some walk freely while some are dragged along by strange creatures. the lava does not burn me, i float towards the mountain, i see a friend dragged along by a demon and wave to assure her I recognized her, she is completely distracted and smitten with the large demon dragging her by her foot.

I continue to the mount and watch explosions around. I see myself as others, flashing through memories as though I had their memories.

The glow begins to burn but i look up to see a shinning yellow vibration, beauty is leaking from its trail as it simmers into the clouds at the top of the great mountain;; volcanoes off in the distance, Death minding rivers of styxx.

We will all be there I will see you there it does not matter when it happens we all arrive at that time together.
I have imaginary friends.