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12/14/2012 04:34 AM
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9/11/01 = 9*11=99*1 = 99

REMEMBER: VVe use the term "MULTIPLIED BY" ...

"times" is not a VVord.

(cough) Grab the kids, tell them... and come back... I'll vvait. If the kids are not home - post- it note it a la Fridge... or use the chalkboard.
[About multiplied being the correct expression to apply - it vvill be cool - they can correct their teacher if "teach" uses "times." (smile vvith 2 dimples) Don't tell them about numerology - they don't need to knovv this crap.

12/21/12 = 12+21=33 multiplied by 3 = 99


And this is just one of many matches. It is a match and it is a match.. vve have a match and it vve are going in knovving vve have a match...under the terms of the little game.

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