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Those "people" you know...

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User ID: 26324660
12/14/2012 06:09 AM
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Those "people" you know...
Maybe this sounds a bit crazy, but some people I meet just have this way in the world where they are just doing very well and are well connected, making a lot of money, aren't super politically correct, and mostly don't have much concern for others, yet they continue to succeed.

Here's my thought. I've worked for a few of the biggest names in the world and they have been present there, as well as smaller "fish" in smaller markets. My take on them is that they are "cheating" in a way. Like they aren't going through things like the rest of us. Either it means they are more sociopathic, or are "alien", or "satanic" or otherwise "allowed" to do this, while most of the rest of the world gets on with their normal, more "mediocre" lives. Does any of this make sense? Have you had friends or associates who just don't seem right for some reason?

Can any of you relate? Please be as clear as possible. I'm very curious.


User ID: 29317919
United States
12/14/2012 06:24 AM
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Re: Those "people" you know...

advert for satanism = fail
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