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NASA admits photo error

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 21689021
United Kingdom
12/14/2012 06:54 AM
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NASA admits photo error
[link to www.bbc.co.uk]

The US space agency, Nasa, has admitted it mistook a mountain in India for Mount Everest when it posted online a picture taken from space.

Nasa initially said the photo - by Russian cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko - showed the world's tallest summit.

The image was quickly picked up by a number of media outlets, but Nasa removed it after a Nepalese expert spotted the error.

Everest, which is 8,848m (29,028ft) high, straddles the Nepal-China border.
Space station

"It is not Everest. It is Saser Muztagh, in the Karakoram Range of the Kashmir region of India," a Nasa spokesman said in an email to the BBC