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The VA lacks Computer Security-your taxpayers dollars down the drain

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 29852154
United States
12/14/2012 07:38 AM
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The VA lacks Computer Security-your taxpayers dollars down the drain
Does the DOD have any security?

[link to www.va.gov]

"Why We Did This Audit
personally identifiable information remains at risk of inadvertent or fraudulent access or
OIG received a hotline allegation that the Office of Information Technology (OIT) had not installed and activated all of the 300,000 Guardian Edge encryption software licenses purchased in 2006 at a cost of about $3.7 million.
What We Found
We substantiated the allegation and found that OIT had not installed and activated an additional 100,000 licenses purchased in 2011. As of July 2012, OIT officials stated they had installed and activated only a small portion, about 65,000 (16 percent), of the total 400,000 licenses procured.
OIT did not install and activate all of the licenses due to inadequate planning and management of the project. Specifically, OIT did not allow time to test the software to ensure compatibility with VA computers, ensure sufficient human resources were available to install the encryption software on VA computers, and adequately monitor the project to ensure encryption of all VA laptop and desktop computers.
As such, 335,000 (84 percent) of the total 400,000 licenses procured, totaling about $5.1 million in questioned costs, remain unused as of 2012. Given changes in VA technology since 2006, the Department lacks assurance the remaining software licenses are compatible to meet encryption needs in the current computer environment. Further, because OIT has not installed all 400,000 encryption software licenses on VA laptop and desktop computers, veteransí use.
What We Recommend
We recommended the Assistant Secretary for Information Technology complete the assessment of the encryption software project to determine whether the software is compatible with VAís operating systems and still meets the Departmentís needs. Based on the assessment, OIT should terminate the project or develop a plan, including adequate human resources and project monitoring, to ensure installation and activation of the remaining encryption software licenses.
Agency Comments
The Assistant Secretary for Information Technology concurred with our finding and recommendations and provided an appropriate action plan. We will follow up on the implementation of corrective actions."

Some things never change

[link to articles.cnn.com]

The Department of Veterans Affairs has agreed to pay $20 million to current and former military personnel to settle a class action lawsuit on behalf of the men and women whose personal data was on a laptop computer stolen during a burglary.

The names, dates of birth and Social Security numbers of about 26.5 million active duty troops and veterans were on the laptop and external drive, which disappeared while in the custody of a Veterans Affairs data analyst in 2006.