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Was I CURSED BY A VOODOO PRIEST? You be the judge!

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User ID: 28641059
United States
12/14/2012 09:46 AM

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Was I CURSED BY A VOODOO PRIEST? You be the judge!
Four years ago, i started getting arthritis in my knees and one day i was going thru the internet and came across this person claiming that he could cure me.

I fell for it, it was a free service and i gave my name etc.
So help me, i started feeling better and better so that i was able to do anything and i know it wasnt in my head. I really was free of pain and happy as could be.

Three months went by and i'm feeling on top of the world. I get an Email one day from this sheister, and so help me, i was floored!

He said, unless i sent him $275.00 within a week, he could no longer keep me healthy. IN FACT, he said, that unfortunatly, once he stopped his miracle work, chances were i would get sick again.

I was pissed and i sent him an email, i said you said you healed the sick for free. Anyway, i basically told him to stuff it.

Wouldnt you know, that ever since that very day i have been in pain from arthritis in my Right knee, and the pain came back with a vengance!!!!
I got so bad i had to stop working and spent most of my days lying on the couch useless!!!!!

Now its been over three years since this happened to me and i am still in pain.

My point is, and what my head cannot wrap itself around is how can people be so evil????

Please, be careful. I meant to write about this a couple of years ago, but i guess today is just as good. Careful of these so called "healers"

I am currently experiencing life at several WTFs per hour.

User ID: 18472095
United States
12/14/2012 09:59 AM
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Re: Was I CURSED BY A VOODOO PRIEST? You be the judge!
Bad, bad ju-ju.

You need to find a monkey's paw. That done, you need to place it on your leg (it's suggested that masking tape be employed to hold it in place) and swing a live chicken over your head whuile hopping on the good leg. Repeat this ritual five times daily for three months. I hope this helps.

When time allows, please send $250 to the Baby Doc Foundation for healing PO Box 29 Whats-a-matta-U-dolla-dolla-bill-baby Port a Prince