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Message Subject School shooting in Newtown CT-Breaking on Fox News
Poster Handle Eagle # 1
Post Content
Came into junior high school one morning to see a male student striding up the ramp way, swinging a LONG barreled six shooter from his right hand, NO students/teachers in view. First impulse was to shout at him " What are you doing, etc." Decided I would be FIRST one SHOT, NOT a good idea. ALSO, if he got around the corner before I caught up with him, I could STILL be the fist one shot, if he heard me coming.

Reacted by changing my suitcase and thermos to my left hand as I hurriedly caught up to him, right hand ready to stop gun, if pointed at me. Said to him, "That looks like an old Navy Colt, Can I look at it ?"

He turned around slowly, without raising the gun, and let me 'look at it. Straight to the assistant principles office we went, and the secretary who was busy talking to a parent, DIDN'T look up as we waited, DID look up, and shut up when the revolver thudded onto her desk. I Just said " I think Mr. _______ will want to see this and maybe return it to the boy, AFTER school."

NEVER a single word in the paper about it, as all such incidents 'never happened ', lol !

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