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Message Subject School shooting in Newtown CT-Breaking on Fox News
Poster Handle Darrell41653
Post Content
They will do anything, anything at all to get our guns!!!!!
 Quoting: kentoni1

YOU GUYS - rabid, paranoid gun owners - are preventing common sense measures to have it both ways.

We can have better checks and waiting periods without denying you your precious rights.

But - reality check - this ain't the wild west anymore.

In a world of programming and violent video games - there will be more and more of this...it's an epidemic now.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6987843

Waiting periods? Is that your solution? Would a waiting period have stopped the psycho in Oregon? No because his gun was stolen. Do you think this school shooter stopped at the gun shop on his way to the school? I highly doubt he did.

No gun control that liberals want to enact will have any effect on gun deaths. The fact is if you want a gun you are going to get it. If you want to kill you are going to kill with or without a gun. And before you say 'well they couldn't kill as many without a gun' let me remind you of Oklahoma City, the cult with the gas in Japan, the Jones guy, and so on and so on.

YOUR gun control will never stop a psycho.
 Quoting: NISA715

The idea that a ban on guns will stop things like this from happening is absolutely ridiculous.
If you make it illegal to own guns, law abiding citizens will obey, follow the rules, and at the same time make themselves defenseless from those who would do them harm.
Criminals, on the other hand by their very nature are not, and will not obey and follow the rules.
If an individual wants to rape, rob, murder, etc. they WILL find a weapon to further their agenda.
It is this same type of mentality that makes a restraining order useless. If I wanted to do you harm, do you really think a piece of paper is going to stop me?
Think about it...
If you were looking to do say a home invasion.
Would you be more likely to attempt it on a home where you knew the owner was armed, or on his neighbor, who you knew was disarmed?
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