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Message Subject School shooting in Newtown CT-Breaking on Fox News
Poster Handle Darrell41653
Post Content
Now in the U.S. you cannot presume yourself safe at:

Elementary School
High School
Movie theaters
Work Places.

Let's all arm ourselves...yeah, that's the answer.


GUNS do in fact kill people.

If someone has a knife and tries to kill someone - there's a better chance of survival. Not with a gun. Plus, innocent bystanders are more likely to be involved with guns...not so much with a knife.

GUNS are the force multiplier.

People have been and always will be violent. It's in the nature of some...but guns give those sick, twisted fucks among us an advantage.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6987843

I agree. Guns do give those sick twisted fucks an advantage.
But how much more of an advantage would they have if we law abiding citizens were not allowed to have the same guns for self defense?
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