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Message Subject School shooting in Newtown CT-Breaking on Fox News
Poster Handle NISA715
Post Content
Now in the U.S. you cannot presume yourself safe at:

Elementary School
High School
Movie theaters
Work Places.

Let's all arm ourselves...yeah, that's the answer.


GUNS do in fact kill people.

If someone has a knife and tries to kill someone - there's a better chance of survival. Not with a gun. Plus, innocent bystanders are more likely to be involved with guns...not so much with a knife.

GUNS are the force multiplier.

People have been and always will be violent. It's in the nature of some...but guns give those sick, twisted fucks among us an advantage.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6987843

So because there was a shooting at one of the thousands of theaters that means none of them are safe? Because there is a shooting at a school every once in a while that means the thousands of schools with millions of students are not safe?

You numbers and logic is flawed. I really feel sorry for you. You are a sad sad person.
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