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Message Subject School shooting in Newtown CT-Breaking on Fox News
Poster Handle blackngoldbeauty
Post Content
As a mother of an adult with Aspergers, I cannot see how someone with this disability could carry this out...no way.Either this kid was forced, kidnapped or some other perp. Not saying my son is an angel..but not capable of murdering 26 people, especially children..my son identifies more with little kids than adults or peers his own age. Something is not right here....
 Quoting: blackngoldbeauty

parents like YOU in denial is why things like this happen. the same happened with the south korean who killed over 30 at Virginia tech, ignorant parents..
 Quoting: samscum

Ok..now let's play "blame the parents"...how about society..doesn't matter..I am not denying anything..I clearly said "my son is no angel" but the noise alone from the gun would clearly send this kid into a shut down. I have guns in my home, for protection, hunting...my kid could care less about them...he collects figurines, watches his favorite videos and loves everyone..I still say...someone is behind this act.
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