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Message Subject School shooting in Newtown CT-Breaking on Fox News
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Why didnt the teachers protect the children?

Seriously, 18 children dead? WTF?!

You can take down an armed person without a gun.

Why did these teachers pansy out?

Protect the kids for godsake!
 Quoting: Saratonin

It sounds like it all happened in one room. He killed the adults first and the kids were helpless probably. Six adults in one area probably means they were confronting the situation.

We don't know how it went down yet, but it's not really fair to blame the teachers. I'm sure they did everything they possibly could, like any of us would have done.
 Quoting: Little Willow

my experience is that those not automatically predisposed and trained to aggressively defend go into a state of dreamlike passivity and simply curl up and stay quiet hoping it's a bad dream.

You have to LEARN you have an obligation to defend yourself, women and children assume it's someone elses job
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1310640

Actually there are many studies on how people react in a crisis, such as plane crashes, bombings, mass shootings, etc. Most will have an initial pause and try to figure out what's going on before reacting. Only a few will react without blinking. It has nothing to do with training, or what your age or sex is.

Only a misogynist would say something as ignorant as women not able to defend themselves because they assume it's someone else's job. Wow.
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