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Message Subject School shooting in Newtown CT-Breaking on Fox News
Poster Handle samscum
Post Content
As a mother of an adult with Aspergers, I cannot see how someone with this disability could carry this out...no way.Either this kid was forced, kidnapped or some other perp. Not saying my son is an angel..but not capable of murdering 26 people, especially children..my son identifies more with little kids than adults or peers his own age. Something is not right here....
 Quoting: blackngoldbeauty

i hope you watch his odd behavior VERY carefully, we dont want a repeat of Today's carnage.

the PROBLEM with socially crippled ASSberger failures at life candidates like the school shooter is that they HIDE behind their BS self diagnosed loser disorder to legitimise their pathetic fail laden existence.

look at UK resident and so-called ASSpie Gary McKinnon [link to www.bbc.co.uk] who hacked into US government computers and hid behind his loser disorder to avoid ANY criminal charges in the US. HOW ironic that the same day he was cleared another ASSpie does one of the most horrific school shootings in US history hours later....

what people should know is that people (mostly self diagnosed attention seekers) who suffer from ASSbergers NEVER see any problem with their prior odd behavior, They also deny that their actions could cause harm to not only themselves or other people and have this almost psychopathic drive to complete their tasks like it is a mission from god. SOUNDS a lot like the shooters prior life leading up to the massacre....

the shooters mother did not pay ANY attention to her aspie psyco son and paid the ultimate price with her life thanks to HER ignorance to her sons ASSbergers, it is a shame the monster also killed 20 innocent children, ROT IN HELL ass-berger

Adlof hitler was also rumoured to have ASSbergers, go figure.......
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