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Message Subject Anyone ever suddenly remember a dream they once had years and years ago?
Poster Handle AmericanInfidel
Post Content
I've spoke of his before on GLP. When I was young I had a dream I was flying thru a town. A town with Victorian style houses which were common in the part of New York where I grew up. I was flying over the streets and came to a giant, gothic looking church. I flew around the giant steeples or whatever you call them and landed on the highest perch like a gargoyle. I remember thinkin how awesome it was and it gave me the greatest feeling when I woke up and was one of my favorite dreams I've ever had. 4 or 5 years later in 11th grade we had a track meet down in New Burg New York. As we were driving home on the bus we went thru a town and I couldn't help but notice how familiar the town was. I was half asleep but as we drive thru the town I was on the edge of my seat looking out the window. The houses were eerily similar to the Victorian houses that were in my dream. I started getting nervous for some reason. It was like he bus route we were taking was exactly the same as my flight path in my dream. I even yelled to my brother that I guarantee you there will be a bad ass church ahead after we make this turn. My brother and I are only a year apart and would often share our dreams to see if we ever had he same ones. We didn't. But I told him all about this dream and flying and the church. He instantly knew what I meant and didn't doubt me. I got yelled at by my track coach for sayin bad ass. Lol. Sure enough we turned and there was the church. Not exactly as in my dream, not as creepy and gothic lookin like Tim Burton designed it, by very similar. It even had gargoyles on it. I cannot explain the feeling I felt when I saw that church. I will never forget that moment when I saw it. I don't know what it means, if anything. But I know our dreams are more than jus random brain activity.
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