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Message Subject A Bigfoot has been Shot and Killed!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Paulides is very clear to avoid saying or hinting any theories that Bigfoot is the culprit to all those missing people. His books "Missing 411" has nothing to do with Bigfoot..... Holy fuck sakes people, stop making connections that aren't there! Bigfoot stays away from us humans because its smart and thinks we're stupid, I agree, jersey shore and the kardashians are proof of how stupid our species are
 Quoting: Smashy76

Paulides made the same 'connections' while discussing the books on Coast to Coast AM, albeit vague, he was still suggesting that theory without owning it, and yes, most of us are well aware Missing 411 is not about Bigfoot. But you keep up the denial of obvious facts, Paulides himself believes we are food but is very careful not to go full retard with it.
 Quoting: Mwalk

Where can I read more about that?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29706147

 Quoting: Hawk-02

do you really need a deconstruction of why these vids are a scrambled mass of hype?the stories of the disappearances are interesting, but the way its put together contradicts itself constantly.
well what do i expect from someone that eats rubberbands.
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