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Religion, Science, Magic and Art

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12/14/2012 01:07 PM
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Religion, Science, Magic and Art
these are the four approaches to knowing the world.
it's an abstract scheme formulated by Ramsey Dukes.
You can find more info here:

[link to fraterbarrabbas.blogspot.ro]

basically there are two sources of knowledge:
inner (intuition) and outer (observation)

and there are two ways of processing knowledge:

reason (serial thinking) and emotion (parallel thinking).

from these you get the four abstract types:

religion = inner source + logic (serial) processing

science = outer source + logic processing

magic = outer source + feeling (parallel) processing

art = inner source + feeling processing

for example, religion and science both use reason for processing, but draw their knowledge from opposed sources.

that is why they can't accept each other, and also due to rational emphasis they are both dogmatic.

they go in the following order: religion->science->magic->art->religion and so on

each fears the one following, looks with contempt to the one preceding it, and it is neutral to the one opposed to it.

based upon this you can also understand the difference between subjective objectivity and objective subjectivity

one who is over-identified with one type, will think that he knows for sure how reality is. more so, for the rational side (religion/science). a scientist is convinced that he has an objective view of reality, but his is just a subjective objectivity.

true objectivity comes when one understands and accepts all four ways of knowing as legitimate, and rises above all. from that point of consciousness (the dot in the center) where one can understand all these four types, one understands the true objectivity, that is the objective subjectivity

from this point you can also understand how you evolved.
for example i started at the threshold of religion and science. trying to figure out which is right, i went more fully towards science. i spent around 20 years perfecting reason, until i went in the magic quadrant.
it is funny that when i was in the science quadrant i had a big problem with the religious type, while now when i moved to the magic quadrant i tend to find the scientific dogmatic type very annoying, but the religious type does not bother me so much :)

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Anonymous Coward
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12/26/2012 08:24 PM
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Re: Religion, Science, Magic and Art

Happy holidays andreit, you may not have been here for a while, but you are not forgotten :).