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Message Subject ALERT!!! CT school shooting IS A GOVERNMENT PSYOP
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
They are coming after the GUNS... Using gun control debate after the Javon Belcher tragedy, then calling the NRA the new KKK, with the memory of that still in people's minds, here comes the dude with the AR15 that jammed, first one, NOW the big one, those pathetic demonic scum killed children, they want the GUNS NOW. They just passed QE4, they want to disarm the population in order to fully collapse the economy, with no way to protect ourselves, the gov't will be able to enslave us and control us without a problem. I pray for the victims and families of this gov't operation. PATHETIC pieces of shit. They will all burn in hell for this BS. Either the gun will be a assault rifle or a 9MM handgun, the MSM is ready for the debate, they are following a script, an agenda. Go buy ammo and weapons ASAP. They are going to attempt to strip the 2nd amendment, but the only thing this does, is make the people go BUY MORE GUNS
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