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Message Subject ALERT!!! CT school shooting IS A GOVERNMENT PSYOP
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Shooter 1:

Ryan J Lanza
1313 Grand St, Apt 202
Hoboken, NJ 07030-2251

Picture of shooter 1:

[link to www.libertarianrepublican.net]

OK, sources are now telling WNBC in New York that the shooter was actually 24 years old, not 20. His fatherís body was found in Hoboken, N.J., and that his mother was a teacher at the school in New Jersey.

The Father of Ryan J. Lanza is Peter J. Lanza. The mother is Nancy Lanza. Father is/was in his mid-50s.

Sandy Hook, CT 06482 is where Ryan and Peter lived for a bit. Their house was upscale $504k home in Sandy Hook.

Kill your father, then your mother, then 26 other people, then yourself. But WHO was the other shooter?

Peter lived in these towns:
Sandy Hook, CT
Stamford, CT
Haverhill, MA
Kingston, NH
East Kingston, NH

Ryan lived in these towns:
Sandy Hook, CT
Hoboken, NJ

Sandy Hook is a key to understanding this murdering -- what happened at Sandy Hook, CT?


Massive child pornography gang operating in Sandy Hook, CT:

[link to criminal-justice-online.blogspot.com]
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