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Message Subject ALERT!!! CT school shooting IS A GOVERNMENT PSYOP
Poster Handle 422
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There is no doubt in my mind what this is. What I couldn't believe is how many people on here dove right into this. So many people on here have proven how staged the media is and what the media's real purpose is but so many even on here keep falling for it. It shows how effective this shit can be. They had people balling their eyes out over this. They struck major emotions with this one.

The "live" "breaking" "news" are the ones that are the most staged events. Those are the ones people fall right into the most. They are using people's emotions to push whatever agenda(s) they want. And as always, keep the population in fear and confusion. This is the shit that needs to stop. These are all isolated instances they are using to get people to not Trust. Be scared of your neighbor he could be a killer. Using kids is as low as it gets. They are getting hard up, they are at their end.
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