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Message Subject White House Responds to School Shooting: ' Gun Control Coming, But Today is not the Day for Disscussion'
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
White House is responsible for massive lay offs and frankly.. driving people nuts..

even logical people don't know wtf to do anymore.. what will they get tax on or not.. how much they have to pay... it's all so fucked up.

People don't see it's the Government's policies driving people nuts...

then watching Obama and family go on their 20 days vacation why i see how much more fucking taxes i have to pay b/c healthcare and other taxes when i'm struggling to get by.

There to blame.. 100%.. Dems and Rep.. all of them. Letting this housing crisis happen to wealth transfer stimilous that just gives bankers money..

people realize how much 50 billion dollars is? a month to give to banks b/c they have loses b/c of gov policies?

Shit, give every American even 5k a month out of that and you save the economy far more
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