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Message Subject White House Responds to School Shooting: ' Gun Control Coming, But Today is not the Day for Disscussion'
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Yeppers...time for the libs (communists) to step up...ohhhh, we MUST ban guns....ohhhh AND knives...no more cutting your steak folks...ohhhhh and neckties - people can use those to strangle....ohhhhh AND forks....deadly weapons...and rocks (peoplel use those too) and candles...they use those to burn down houses....ohhhhh obummie save us, save us obummie from these awful awful dregs...gov't - more gov't.....ohhhhh and let's not forget alcohol....oops the gov't gets kickbacks from that....ok, we'll leave booze.....get my drift commie's!
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