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Message Subject White House Responds to School Shooting: ' Gun Control Coming, But Today is not the Day for Disscussion'
Poster Handle s. d. butler
Post Content
Criminals will still get guns whether the govt assumes they can control it or not. All we do is impose more rules to break. Don't drink under 21...whatever drugs....whatever and the same with guns. There will always be those that will find a way if they want to.
 Quoting: lilwings 656961

None of this is about the safety of American Citizens against gun or any other kind of violence. The motives behind gun control can be found in the history books. For example, Hitler outlawed guns before he began to exterminate the Jewish people. Every instance in history where the population has been disarmed, the (Government) has then taken away more liberties.

The founding fathers of this country knew how dangerous Governments can be, that is why there is a Constitution, among other documents that outline inalienable RIGHTS. These are put in place to stave off corruption and ultimately oppression by the people in our Government.

You cannot tell me that a Congressman/woman whom has been in their (Elected) position for 20 or 30 years or more, has not taken bribes, pay offs and sold out the American people during some or all of their careers in Politics.

Does anyone in America know that over 40 IED's (IMprovised Explosive Devices) were disabled before the were able to detonate in America this year alone? I bet no one knows this, unless you have been (briefed) on the information for one reason or another.

My personal opinion is that these shootings, from the movie theaters to the schools are false flags.
 Quoting: 0311INFANTRYSIR

Where in the FUCK did you get that bullshit propaganda from, a PUBLIC SCHOOL indoctrination!?

The "founding fathers" were FEDERALISTS. It was the ANTI-FEDERALISTS who INSISTED that the Bill of Rights be inserted into the CONstitution. The FEDERALISTS were OPPOSED to its insertion, but ultimately HAD to give in.


The CONstitution is FULL OF LOOPHOLES IN THE LANGUAGE which enabled TPTB to get us where we are today!!

You, sir, are a fucking moron.
 Quoting: LMAO!!!!! 28872856

He is not a moran even if he is a current or former 0311 (I am too)lolsign

Everything he says is correct and everything you say is correct. He just doesn't have your depth of knowledge about the anti federalists and the CON in the constitution.

Both of you are essentially on the same side. I have also tried to speak of the very same points you make about the anti federalists. Every thing wrong they said would happen has happened.

Probably better if we confine ourselves to fighting the collectivists. They are the enemy not the constitutionalists.
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