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Message Subject For all you who want to ban guns because Americans are so violent..
Poster Handle Momed24
Post Content
Because of the laws that prohibit teachers and faculty from possessing a firearm in schools this incident was not able to be stopped or prevented. There needs to be open carry law implemented in the US and then and only the will people have the right to defend themselves from from a tragedy like this. The government will never take guns from the people who want to hurt others, and now is the time to demand that our 2nd ammendment right is honored so that the rest of us good and law abiding citizens have the right to protect ourselves. Banning guns will surely make this type of tragedy more commom than ever before. We have to stand up and demand the right to protect ourselves. The government and police will not and cannot protect us as we have just witnessed here. Living in a law abiding community where the general public are nice and good people and where we have a police department and where crime is almost non existent, these elements all offer a false sense of security. Let us all pray for the families of the deceased and may God see them all through this.
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