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Message Subject For all you who want to ban guns because Americans are so violent..
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I've often said this, unless you're going to ban knives, kitch knives, axes, saws, swords, fire, certain chemicals, fireworks, teaching people martial arts, or teaching people how to fight.

We should all just be wrapped in bubble wrap in round rooms.

Hell you can even lock people in prison with access to nothing, and they still come up with weapons, drugs, etc.

Banning guns will ensure one thing, and that is that no one will be able to fight back and the only people left with the guns and total power will be Government, who now look like military.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29706176

why have a ban on anything then? Why stop at guns? Why not cars with turret mounted machine guns? Or why not allow open carry grenade launchers? Or how about Ninja swords?

Your argument and pro gun arguments are so stupid. You take a position as if that is the correct position and then work your logic from there.

If you're silly constitution which is NOW, just a goddamned piece of paper, was written earlier you would make the same argument about bows and arrows and open carrying your bow. If it was done later, you would scream that it was your right to have napalm and grenades for your own safety.

The problem with all you gun tards is that you take a position that happened by chance and argue as if it is the be all and end all, and then you IGNORE the facts of the world that prove time and again, that carrying does not make a safer country.

Keep your straw men at home, and use them for target practice.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21427624

Drugs are illegal, is it a drug free america? Far from, people will find a way to get guns on the black market just as they do drugs. Your argument is just as delusional. It will be be a situation where there will be no way to defend yourself against the very people who will now still have the fucking guns, the same people who are committing these heinous crimes which make gun control a reality in people like you and others minds.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26650211

What argument? See? You are all so stuck in your ways, you just like to yell across at each other.

I just pointed out the stupidity of pro gun positions and the pure chance of when your constitution was written vs. the weapons available at the time.

I didn't say I was pro gun control or not, just that your arguments are stupid, based on chance, and you use false 'facts' to bolster your position.

You're so blind to the situation you can't even read something without carrying on your own argument.
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