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Message Subject For all you who want to ban guns because Americans are so violent..
Poster Handle grimmlord
Post Content
But this never happens in Sweden, who have tought gun laws.
Please!! I have full respect for the right to carry a gun.
But come on!! Chicago is a war zone!! And this happens often!!
It's time to do something

 Quoting: Limpan

you do realize, my viking friend, that once the muzzies
(that you stupidly let into your country en masse) figure
out the small technical hurdle of producing reliable
cartridges in their basements, you guys (and your women)
will be thoroughly hooped.

on some bittorrent alternative dns darknets, you can
find the schematics and instructions for simple
handguns and rifles. all it takes is a little bit
of machining and parts you can easily find in any
hardware. and i'm not even talking about 3d printer
technology yet.

white people are dumb.
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