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Message Subject For all you who want to ban guns because Americans are so violent..
Poster Handle Captaininyourface
Post Content
I'm so tired of this. If I go into a busy supermarket on a Saturday and start slashing at people with a knife, what for you reckon my kill count would me before I got taken down? Compare that to me walking in with two guns. I mean c'mon, ITS FUCKING SIMPLE! Two guys get into a fight. In the US there's a huge chance of guns being drawn, bystanders being hurt or killed. Here, its just two guys hitting eàch other til their freinds split it up.

I totally understand you want the right to defend yourselves, but when you start spouting shit about "guns don't kill people" you are talking absolute shit.
 Quoting: ming

How many people do you think would die if a psycho went into a class room with a chainsaw or 2 and 2 machetes locked the door and started cutting away. Your argument doesnt hold water.
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