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Message Subject For all you who want to ban guns because Americans are so violent..
Poster Handle Nyarlathotep
Post Content
Stop distracting from the real issue. Americans cannot be trusted with guns. Now definitively proven. Gun owners are a different breed. I've met them. They have an evil lust in their eyes when discussing guns.
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 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21993077

I know quite a few as well and they are very upstanding individuals. Instead of evil lust, how about a passion for guns? They are still tools like anything else. They are used to hunt wild game, scare off would be attackers, protect ones self and maybe save someone elses life one day.

We can sit here all day and debate whether disarming the world would or wouldn't make it a better place but the pure and simple fact is... You can't take weapons from people that don't give a flying fuck about the law anyways.

Here is a scenario... let us pretend that the pretend state of Antiguntopia is gun controlled. No citizens are allowed to own a firearm outside of designated hunting grounds. Now Joe the 80 year old gunsmith and now factory worker decides to start gathering materials to make a weapon under the nose of the people. The police force has dwindled because of the lack of need to protrol a gun free state.

Now that Joe finally has the materials and has started production hidden away in a small basement, he decides to get even with his factory and the town he lives in. He goes in armed to the teeth and kills 30 workers as well as two of the police that arrive on the scene. This town hardly has a police force as it is due to budget cuts and, again, gun control. Now this force of destruction is free to do his bidding.

That is just one man. Think of an entire CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION. It happens all the time in other countries.

Please people... gun control is as bad as communism... great in theory but horrifically bad in practice. Humans just aren't that trustworthy a lot.
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