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Message Subject Dating advice for Miggy?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
hugs I could have written practically everything you said. I turn 55 in a few days (if we make it past 12/21/2012 LOL), been alone for 5 years since leaving my soulmate of 14 years. He wasted no time in moving a new -- much younger -- woman into MY home, MY bed, using MY dishes, as I left with only what I could fit into my small car, though I had bought most if not all the stuff in the house.

Allow yourself to grieve the loss; even though it's been awhile this new marriage has probably opened the old scars and left a raw wound. Cry as much as you need to.

Go for walks. I've met a few men while out walking my dog but am not ready to venture out dating yet. Kudos to you for being ready and willing to try again! Ask God to send you your ideal mate and then be open and friendly to everyone, sometimes the ideal person is not in the package you expect!
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