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Message Subject Dating advice for Miggy?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I've read your posts and think you are a lovely person inside and out and will meet someone special when the time is right.

Don't feel like you have to go out just to distract yourself from the difficult news on your ex. Just because he got married in Cuba doesn't mean he will be happy in the long run or is even happy now. People lie a lot on Facebook.

I agree with the other poster about just taking walks or doing something you enjoy. Chances are you will find that special person when you least expect it and are focusing on other things.

Do you do volunteer work? There are many places that could benefit from your kind heart and positive attitude.

DO NOT FEEL GUILTY ABOUT POSTING AND LIVING YOUR OWN LIFE when there happened to be one news story you hadn't read about something that happened far away. (Give it a few hours and there will probably be threads on here saying it was all a psyops anyway.)

Maybe splurge on a Starbucks and take a good book with you while you sit there looking fantastic making people wonder who you are. Buy a lottery ticket. That will be good use of a few hours and cheer you up, get you out of the house, and can cost $5 or less.

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