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Message Subject Dating advice for Miggy?
Poster Handle peckerhead
Post Content
Dear friends,

I have not read the responses thus far.

I am reading about this horrible tragedy that occurred.

Please forgive me of my poor taste when posting this earlier.

I will revisit it later but I feel just awful about the children.

To those who may have responded (and I haven't seen the replies yet) please accept my sincere gratitude that you have cared enough to respond. I will read them a bit later.

My cares are nothing today.

God bless the grieving families of this tragedy.

With love, Miggy
 Quoting: Miggy


You remind me so much of my fiance, who is the most beautiful person I've ever known as well as the love of my life.

I'm not a very religious person, but I do feel that God wants each of us to be happy, and that there is someone out there for each one of us. We're not meant to be alone.

It's true that what happened this morning was a terrible tragedy. I've found that the best thing to do in times like these is to live vigorously, enjoy life the best I can, and most of all, help others. Those who are gone would not want us to stop living on their account.

So chin up, put on your best dress and some of that perfume, and knock them dead! You will make some lucky man very proud to call you his wife, just as I'm so very proud of my wonderful fiance. You'll be in my prayers :-)
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