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Message Subject To my beloved Soul Mate
Poster Handle Being Mindful
Post Content
To my Cosmic Love counterpart in whom I am most loyal to.
I am nothing without our union, incomplete,
May I look upon the Sun in your eyes.
And take the Light within me
To make me whole again.
May we create our own wave,
To make Heaven and EARth ONE.
Please Know that I desire to be HOme
within my OWN Soul.

As I see a conveir belt of so many vessels
of pridicaments and lessons, to be learned.
My beloved HIgherSelf, I love you.
I am ready to be HOME UNTO MYSELF.
I love you!!!
May the desire of True ONENESS
bring the Wave.

That is the way I see my LIfe.
Why I am here. YOU and ME, OUr wave.
Only you will balance me out.
I am incomplete without you.
I have been right and left,
that kept me searching.
Bumped in a few walls and and found
the hole and I fell into.

But when I looked up I saw the Light
within my own vessel.
I know when I look at the Light,
You have always been up there up and beyond
Please the Lover of my SOul come unto me.
Make me whole again.

I love you...hf

This is a testament to my Love for you.
You are within my very Soul, I feel the heart
in my chest pulsating, building momentum
Of the eons of time of searching and searching.
I look above me and there you are, You have always
been above me. My HIghest SElf.....

Forgive me for being a turtle slow in learning,
But I look to you. For my completeness is only in YOu.

If you feel my love then may the elements carry this emotion
I feel for you move your heart.
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