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Message Subject SANDY HOOK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL tragedy and HURRICANE SANDY.. name tragedy coincidences
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Ok, Ill give, You all know me that Ive been posting about the five year old child .

I figured out that from the alignment of December 23, 2007 -December 21-23 2012 is five years. that a particular child will be five years old..

Thread: December 23 2007 - December 21 2012 - The Real reason Skull and Bones set their clocks 5 Minutes Fast and the Ultimate truth of 2012

What if we have some wicked King Herod energies on our hands? not intentional but I have mentioned this before..

I have all said this child is SYMBOLICALLY FIVE YEARS OLD

and now this,, UPDATE, the classroom of most of the deceased was Kindergarten (five year old kids)...thats what I have heard sofar...

This is only a mystic theory, there is no basis in criminal evidence for this other than mystic theory out of that Terminator movie

I weep for all those poor kids. This is horrible, The sick cowardly fucker..
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