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Message Subject SANDY HOOK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL tragedy and HURRICANE SANDY.. name tragedy coincidences
Poster Handle Pa resident1
Post Content
Someone just gave me this, I already know this, but they reminded me


VAV is the vav is hook and the son. Means HOOK in Hebrew.

Sandy Hook Elementary..

A Son will arise undo all this evil in the world...

12/14/12 a child sacrifice to honor the ressambly of the 14 pieces of Osiri(u)s.

The "messiah" you are waiting for and that the Isis harlot cult has spent centuries re-assembling is Satan/Lucifer.

He and his "order" will be broken to pieces by the iron rod of the TRUE Son, Jesus Christ. Count on it.

The plan of the hidden hand will be brought to nought.
 Quoting: Needles Eye

Satan Lucifer? More anti Semitism there.. The Jewish people have a prophecy of Moshaich btw. that has nothing to do with Jesus.. It is Moshiach that rebuilds the Beit Hamikdash, Not Lucifer or the Anti Christ

You know where the Anti Center is ? Near El Nath , near Taurus and Auriga opposite of Galactic Anti Center and the winter solstice, Christmas baby you celebrate as Jesus. That is where the bogeyman tales of Anti Christ came from, from the Galactic Anti Center of El Nath.

Anyone know how this bastard got into the school with a GUN??

I thought most schools had better security than this???

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