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Message Subject SANDY HOOK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL tragedy and HURRICANE SANDY.. name tragedy coincidences
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Sandy is short for Cassandra, the Greek mythological figure who epitomizes tragedy. The gods gave Cassandra the gift of prophecy; depending on which version of the story one prefers, she could either see or smell the future. But with this gift also came a curse: Cassandra’s warnings about future disasters were fated to be ignored. That is the essence of this tragedy: to know that a given course of action will lead to disaster but to pursue it nevertheless.

A Fish Spirit, ex-Marshall of Heaven and disciple of TRIPITAKA.

As told in Journey To The West, he was once the official in charge of Heavenly banners and ceremonial drapes. One day he accidentally broke the JADE-EMPEROR's favorite crystal dish. As punishment, he was chucked out of Heaven, transformed into an Earth-bound fish spirit, tormented with flying swords and generally made extremely miserable.

Sandy: Diminutive of Sandra.

Sandra: Short form of Alessandra.

Alessandra: Italian form of Alexandra.

Alexandra: Feminine form of Alexandra; In Greek mythology this was a Mycenaean epithet of the goddess Hera, and an alternate name of Cassandra.

Hera: Uncertain meaning, possibly from either Greek (heros) "hero, warrior";(hora) "period of time"; or(haireo) "to be chosen". In Greek mythology Hera was the queen of the gods, the sister and wife of Zeus. She presided over marriage and childbirth.

PSAMATHE One of the fifty Nereids. She was the goddess of sandy beaches. PSAMATHE was the Nereid goddess of sand beaches. Her name means "the Sand-Goddess" from psammos, sand and theia, goddess.
 Quoting: SeaPunk

A+++++, Thank you. Indeed, this tragedy and curse, its everything that it explains.
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