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Message Subject SANDY HOOK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL tragedy and HURRICANE SANDY.. name tragedy coincidences
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Listen to the last portion of the Adam Sandler song during the 12-12-12 Concert to benefit the Sandy storm victims. This is to the tune of "Hallelujah". Around 4:10, something he says near the end is very strange, considering where the school tragedy took place.

 Quoting: Backwoods Philosopher

Conneticut TOO, YA!

WE will get THROUGH ya!

This is what he says.

For me it means in the context:

Conneticut Sandy it will happen too.
We will get it(the devil?) through there.

I think they like to connect things so they get more power.
Cause in the sheeples mind this stuff gets connected too.


Check Wellaware1.com for the other shooting in the mall beeing a hoax.

This guy will for sure find something. pretty confident there are acotrs involved again.
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