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Message Subject all you mother fuckers calling for DOOM all the time
Poster Handle *HEISENBERG*
Post Content
This is a terrible, horrible, awful, very bad incident. My heart breaks for those poor kids and their families and friends...I'm crying as I type this...can't even begin to imagine their pain and fear right now...

This tragedy has affected the entire globe. It's not just something that's happened on the east coast, it's affected us all. I had a talk to my kids today about being aware of their surroundings, etc...They too have been affected by this...Our school made a "One Call Now" to all the families in our district trying to assure us that they try to keep our kids safe and sent their prayers out to all families because of this horrendous tragedy in Connecticut...

This is not the "doom" any of us have hoped for...we are doomtards, yes, but not this...this is sooo tragic...I think most of us hope for the end to come, but we don't think about the real consequences of real doom...you know? Most preppers live in this imaginary end of the world fantasy, that somehow doom will occur, and they'll be bugged out in the woods surviving or something and they won't lose all the people they love...they imagine some unreal scene in their heads, not actual doom...Doom, real doom, affects people...

Anyhow...don't let the assholes get to you. Love to you and yours!
 Quoting: StormeyGoddess

That is very well said.
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