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Message Subject Your next step
Poster Handle 141
Post Content
Your threads use to get more replies, don't they?

This forum is a bit weird today.


hf (:
 Quoting: 1908247

Well some get many and some get few
Kinda think that those who needs to see it, get to see it

Yeah it is like the forum is a bit quiet and observing...
I am sensitive to the timelines coming in, and many of those notions I get involves great changes, and that there are really going to be quite a different flow...
Think that many feel that too...
However as always, the one true message I can give is to really resonate the deepest inwards, and touch in on that what is real and make sense...
Connect from there...
That'll be where I have my focus...
Bc when we are there, in the center of ourselves, we'll know the next steps from within, even when we are in situations we've never ever been in before...
I know you are just as sensitive, if not more, and I also know that it is no coincidence we've met in here, so know this my friend...
Whatever comes down or what not... We'll be heart to heart
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