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Message Subject Your next step
Poster Handle 141
Post Content
And you won't be left alone here... We are here together in this, be sure of that
 Quoting: 141

I guess I still need some time to figure out my path.

Since nothing real is happening, I would like this time to live my life.

Wake me up when you need me, I guess I am saying.
 Quoting: Jackie Howe 29848411

Yeah, and the only one to figure that out is you

Wish you the best in living your life
And in choosing that what resonates the deepest
Of the heart...

Honoring and loving yourself creates a room where you'll have all the time you need
Bc that what is important, that what you want may change...

That's the way to wake
And you are needed...
The love that comes from you, reaches hearts that no one else can reach...
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