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Message Subject You're an ASSHOLE if you're not considering homeschooling at this point.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You have good public schools and bad ones, good private schools and bad ones, good home schools and bad ones. If you get right down to it, most parents aren't really equipped to teach upper-level classes to their children. Heck, I know a lot who couldn't even teach them elementary math. The type of schooling your children get is decided based on a family's lifestyle and resources. It doesn't mean one way is necessarily better or worse than the other. It certainly doesn't mean a parent is an asshole.

Parents cannot always keep an eye on their kids 100% of the time - if you try, you will cripple them. They will put themselves in dangerous situations - not realizing they are in danger. Even when not put in a dangerous situation, freak accidents can happen.

BTW, I sent my kids to elite public schools (i.e. white upper middle class). Both now attend upper level colleges majoring in engineering fields. That was the right decision for them - especially because they were always at the top of their class and in gifted programs. If I had a child who was a slow learner or just a little "different" or sickly, I would have home-schooled. It all just depends on the situation.
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