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Message Subject You're an ASSHOLE if you're not considering homeschooling at this point.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Although I agree as to your reasoning, is anybody thinking of long term implications? If you think about it, we're going to have a generation who will be so socially fucked up that that alone might breed killing machines.

We are losing our social skills ever since electronic communications crept into our lives.
We're teaching children not even to touch another (germs). There's hardly anymore eye contact because they're too busy fussin' with their iPhones while walking, jogging, shopping, sunbathing, driving or waiting for a bus.

So what will happen if we restrict this generation from interacting with one another during their formative years by keeping them home? We're going to have a generation of human robots.

I don't profess to know the answer but I can see the future ramifications and the future is looking more and more frightening with each passing day though.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29150242

False BS... The impression society has that homeschoolers are socially awkward, loner, weirdos is driven by media and government hell bent on getting their hands on your kids and indoctrinating them to the new agenda.

I know LOTS of homeschooled kids...

I would take 10 homeschooled kids for every 1 from public or 5 from private. They are often self-secure, polite, controlled, well mannered kind, smart, engaging, mature etc... I would take those characteristics any day over the clones the public schools spit out...

Stop spreading non sense...
 Quoting: notgonna

Which is why I will give up teaching my Sunday School class in August, when my majority home-schooled class graduates and the incoming class is all public schoolers. My public school SS students can't be quiet or sit still for 45 minutes once a week while I try to teach them anything, and if I try to use more 'animated' teaching methods they get worked up into such a frenzy they can't calm down again to switch activities.
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