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Message Subject The Bible says "test the spirit". Well I tested Jesus and he failed BIG TIME.
Poster Handle Life and Love
Post Content
Who's Will did you pray for?
 Quoting: christian

It never seems to matter. Ask any one that is suffering if they have ever prayed for help. Sometimes they get it some times they don't. Go ahead, try it. Then be brave enough to come back and tell what happened.
 Quoting: Doom-Tard

There have been two prayer threads for healing on GLP over the past week or two, and in both cases the requested healing occurred.

Having said that, we shouldn't be surprised when God doesn't answer our prayers the way we want Him to. (That would be trying to 'control' God, as if that were possible.)

The question to ask isn't, "Why didn't God answer my prayer the way I wanted Him to?"

The question to ask is, "Will you follow a God who does not live up to your expectations?"
 Quoting: Life and Love

You seem like a good person,so I will answer respectfully.
My question is "Will I follow a God when I have done what he has asked of me and still doesn't help"? My answer is "not anymore".
 Quoting: Doom-Tard

That's a reasonable answer, OP. I've heard it many times.

But perhaps you will take 10 minutes to read this. It may broaden your perspective.

[link to www.gemacs.com]
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