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Message Subject The Bible says "test the spirit". Well I tested Jesus and he failed BIG TIME.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I have prayed lots of times and NOTHING ever came of it.
Jesus, you ain't doing your job.
 Quoting: Doom-Tard

Just know it sounds like from your post you don't understand about testing the Spirit or prayer (different things)...

Study, study some more, lean into faith, examine, love - then report back.
 Quoting: notgonna

The problem is I do understand. Jesus has spoken "keep on suffering" enough said.
 Quoting: Doom-Tard

So? Suffer like a good soldier for Christ, then!

Thou therefore endure HARDNESS as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.

I have it on good authority that Jesus hates WHINING!! Yea? you know, he hasn't "gotten" me what I want... yet... but, what good is it to complain? WHO ON EARTH rewards a whiner? Should God??

Be happy with what you've got,... or you might lose a hand,... car wreck... disease...the list goes on.

I have trouble being grateful, but, at least I don't have blood shooting out of every orifice, and I don't have flies laying their eggs in my open wounds,... sooooo,... take it or leave it then...
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