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Message Subject The Bible says "test the spirit". Well I tested Jesus and he failed BIG TIME.
Poster Handle nwo_watcher_911
Post Content
OP has "Porn Star Praying for a Boner" Syndrome.

What? Is God your pimp???

Shouldn't you love Jesus even though He may SEEM to destroy you? Burn the body, save the soul?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10777137

Perhaps... This is how friends of mine who are jewish are able to come together on issues with me, as we are usually saying the same things but in a different way.

God would be the ultimate pimp, as we were created (man) to praise and worship God, but we have our own free will. So it is a test, similar to how a prostitute gives 100% of her money to her Pimp - she doesn't have to, but she wants to, because then he can do 100% for her - I hate to use the analogy but it works.. What hoe would give her pimp 50% and then when it comes to bail out of jail, what happens? Pimp says I only have 50% cuz thats all you gave me?? LOL!!

But yes, You should Love The LORD with all your Heart. Job did not curse The LORD like satan predicted...

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