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Message Subject The Bible says "test the spirit". Well I tested Jesus and he failed BIG TIME.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I have prayed lots of times and NOTHING ever came of it.
Jesus, you ain't doing your job.
 Quoting: Doom-Tard

Here let me help you out. I was in the same predicament. I was brought up a church-going, bible-believing Christian. I still believe in God but much differently. You have been brain-washed to believer that your prayers will be answered. When they aren't answered and you rightfully respond with indignation or anger and bring this to a pastor, christian friend, etc.. they will respond with either of the following cursory responses:

1.) "You must have been praying for something material"
2.) "Sometimes when God answers prayer, the answer is no"
3.) "God does things on his time" or my personal favorite:
4.) " I guess it wasn't God's will"

Let me set the record straight. This is bull-shit. It is nothing more than a cop-out for those who have been brain-washed by the church and can't reason for themselves enough to see that there is nothing in the Bible that says God is going to answer our prayers. I believe you may be referring to Jesus' words where he states "Anything that you ask for in my Father's name, you shall receive." If this is the case, I'm going to clear this up.

First of all, there are no limitations to these instructions. You could pray for anything...from a nice hot bowl of soup to asking to win the lotto...or for guidance with spiritual matters. Again, no limitations. So that leaves us with 2 possibilities: a) Jesus is a liar or B)He is not. There is a little more to the B) part actually because this explains everything. Are you ready? Jesus was talking to his disciples people. He was not talking to you...or....me or anyone from this day and age but to his disciples only. They were special. They were chosen by him to spread the gospel and convince a lot of people that Jesus was the Messiah and son of God. In taking on that arduous task, they may have to ask for a little extra help. And as Jesus told them, they would be given anything they asked for.

When I came to this realization, a lot of the anger that I had toward God for not answering my prayers disappeared. Jesus didn't promise me this so I really have no right to be angry at him or God for that matter. That's what happens though when the words of scripture are twisted into what we want them to say instead of what they actually say. A lot of things in the Bible are twisted that way. Read it like you would a book. Read it in context, read it the way it is presented grammatically and don't make it say what you want it to and you will come to a much better understanding as to what it really says. Albeit, an understanding that will conflict with the beliefs of most church-going or fundamentalist Christians but you know what? I'm OK with that. There are thousands of Protestant denominations and they all believe they are right. Go figure.
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