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Message Subject Both Israel and Thailand allow teachers to carry guns to protect their students. Why not here?
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Hey T Gal where ya been? As a retired teacher I have mixed feelings about this idea. Let me first say that in the countries you mentioned there is a significant possibility of traditional terrorist attacks and that would be the reason for the policy. Secondly, in Israel most of those teachers have military training which prepares them for this policy. Now to the current issue. My first reaction today was like many of yours if the staff was armed there could have been a far different outcome. I know for damn sure if I was packing and this moron came anywhere near my kids I would have had no hesitation in taking him out. That being said, I am sure you know that packing does not guarantee a person will when the chips are down use the weapon. Remember the old admonition "don't bring a gun unless you are fully prepared to use it" with good reason if you can't the counter party sure as hell will. As for deterence these clowns commit suicide after their acts! Dead is dead whether self inflicted or at someone elses behest.

All that said, I still favor at least allowing those who are trained on the Staff to carry. Admin and Secretaries especially since they usually are the first targets.

There could be a bigger problem here though! That being the issue of initial safety. ALL DOORS in any public school should be LOCKED allowing only access by admission period. The hardware is such that you can open it from the inside to get out but no entry. One door near the office should become the designated point of access during school hours. I fought for this in my District which is not unlike Newtown and it took 10 years and a State Law to finally bring it about. This would at least perhaps provide some safety if not a period to react.
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