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Message Subject Both Israel and Thailand allow teachers to carry guns to protect their students. Why not here?
Poster Handle Wayward Son
Post Content
What do y'all think?
 Quoting: TXGal4Truth

I think you are insane. Where in Bible does it say that teachers should carry guns? I think you should stick to the good book. Thanks.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29316775

Speaking of the "good book", Oklahoma's putting the 10 Commandments back up on the school walls, soon. We've been in a state of moral decline ever since they were removed, back in the mid-60's. That one about, "Thou shalt not kill", is more correctly intrepreted, "Thou shalt not MURDER". Murder implies intent, born in the depths of a depraved soul. It doesn't matter if it's a gun, a knife, a rock, a stick, or your bare hands. If the intent is there, the depraved soul will find a way to achieve its desired end. We don't need gun control--we need soul reform. And in the meantime, I'd take those armed school guards, and even armed teachers. But, here in the U.S., teachers won't go for it--the them-being-armed part, that is. Too bad.
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