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Message Subject Both Israel and Thailand allow teachers to carry guns to protect their students. Why not here?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What do y'all think?
 Quoting: TXGal4Truth

This idea is not just bordering on idiotic, its wholly provincial of it. We're a supposedly first world country, not a fucking stone age civilization you idiot. More guns is not an answer for gun violence. If you had a drug problem, would a solution be to give all of your friends drugs?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6850261


You and I see the problem somewhat differently. I think we have a people problem. I have never heard of any gun lieing on a flat surface UNMOLESTED suddenly going off and killing someone have you? I'm afraid I can't buy the spoiled apple in a barrel routine on this issue.
 Quoting: ANNONYMOUS 8415236

Sell guns as show pieces then, if all you want them to do is just lay there. No need to use them. Short of that, we need a serious talk about gun control in this country. This is 2 tragedies in about 2 weeks, its insane to keep ignoring this.

More tests for gun ownership. Deep background checks. Those seeking ownership must pass psych exams. Those wishing to own one must take a long and rigorous safety course. Put locks on guns so they can't be used by those who haven't registered them. GPS tracking. For those just hunting, promote renting rather than owning. All simple solutions.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6850261

tell that horseshit to mexico..gun control means only criminals will have guns and there will be an unlimited kill zone as no one would ever be able to defend themselves.. You gun morons are too stupid to see the truth
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