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Message Subject A Black Man Has Just Left the Liberal Plantation
Poster Handle Whole lee shit
Post Content
I hung out with RG3 several times when he was at Baylor. My girlfriend at the time went to Baylor and was friends with RG3's girlfriend. The guy is really cool and smart.

A lot of black guys in the NFL get a bad wrap because of some of the bullshit the lower echelon black guys in the NFL do. One thing everyone needs to remember is RG3 is on offense not defense. Defense is see ball kill ball. Offense is a chess match. Quarterbacks are very smart, and for a guy like RG3 to be at the level he is now is not because hes some dumb black guy. For all of you who don't know Baylor is a school for smart rich kids, and he graduated with a political science in 3 years. For a college athlete that's very hard to do. Most red shirt first year and play until they are seniors, but it takes them 5 years to graduate because athletics take up a lot of there time. The dude is an all around stud and the haters gonna hate.
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