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Subject Music saves the soul....why?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Well if you clicked this thread you're probably into music,or into staying as pure as possible, inside, and then i mean with you're thoughts

we live in a world where we are being influenced by so many lies, indoctrinations, enslavement, and worst of all, i gotta say this because man i'm furious right now, why did those kids have to die,go barefight a white shark ffs....people shooting kids i got no excuse for...only qeustions.verysad

but what i wonder is this, i've read articles about music saving the soul:check here for example

[link to www.healthylifect.com]

people saying it, and then i don't mean nicky minaj or whatsherface, nor lady goegoe or timberlakes, no real music, wich people play, for example a pianist that practices 20 years ,just to be able to play 1 single song perfectly, or a drummer doing 200bpm triplets,

although there's alott of difference between the type of musicians in character, i find that string instruments and drums really do something to you


i listen to this kind of music that's why i choose these, not that guitars are better or anything, i just find comfort in the sound of a guitar,but does anyone have an oppinion about music SAVING the soul, i know it can touch it, cause that's what i do at shows with people all the time,timing,phrasing,really can catch people off guard,even mesmerize...but can it save...because i can't even think of 1 way how it would do that....

i know 1 thing, if it wasn't for me playing guitar, i'd probably be stealing and doing coke for sure
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